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Make-up artist? Hairdresser?

Starting your own business? Need to connect yourself to your customers?

Do What You’re Good At, we will care the rest.

we offer

Your personal webpage

From 25 eur/month + VAT

no initial setup fee!

Present yourself with Adaptive, mobile ready design

Choose from one of the premade layouts:

Hairstylist + booking app demo page

Make-up artist + booking app demo page

Choose your own logo, photos, images, colors. Tell us what you want to change, we will make it. 

(more of premade layouts is coming)

Use your own domain name

You can use your own domain name both for website and appointment app.

Don’t have a domain name yet? Find one on GoDaddy


Use your new webpage to convert traffic from Google Adwords, Facebook marketing or other ads network. Connect Google Analytics to analyze your traffic. 
And yes, we can help with this part.

Appointments Scheduling App 

From 14 eur/month + VAT

free initial setup when ordering webpage+app bundle

Let your customers to book online
Manage your appointments from your PC, tablet or mobile phone

Mobile application available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. 

Get a business-class email on your own domain

The booking app is a part of Microsoft Office 365 business premium pack. 

With this package you recieve:

  • Microsoft Office applications for your devices (up to 5 PC, smartphones, tablets)
  • Premium class e-mail, that we can connect to your own domain name – your adress will look like:
  • 1 TB of cloud storage for your files

How the Appointments Scheduling App looks like

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